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Welcome to Arden Villa Online!
1145 Arden Road, Pasadena California

A Tribute to the Incredible 1915 Mansion in Pasadena

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My fascination with this architectual design has grown more and more
recently. When trying to research the history of Arden Villa, I found
only ONE site that had any information on it, and even that site didn't have that much.
With this site, I hope to give you a virtual tour of the mansion and its grounds, as well
as more information about it.

To view the images, click on "Floor Plans" below - then click on the room you want to see.

About the Villa
Floor Plans
General Pictures
Other Pictures
Unknown Location Pictures
Knight Rider Discussion Board

TV Shows that Feature Arden Villa:
Flamingo Road - 1981/82> (unconfirmed) (NEED PICTURES)
Knight Rider - "White Bird" - March 4, 1983
Dynasty - Episode 60 - April 13, 1983 (NEED PICTURES)
Knight Rider - "Brother's Keeper" - October 9, 1983
Knight Rider - "A Knight in Shining Armor" - January 8, 1984
Knight Rider - "Goliath Returns" - February 19, 1984
The A-Team - "The Heart of Rock 'N Roll" - November 5, 1985
The A-Team - "The A-Team is Coming, The A-Team is Coming" - January 21, 1986
Matlock - "The Cult" - May 2, 1989
Knots Landing (unconfirmed) (NEED PICTURES)
Hart to Hart (unconfirmed) (NEED PICTURES)
Remington Steele (unconfirmed) (NEED PICTURES)

Movies that Feature Arden Villa:
Duck Soup - 1933 (NEED PICTURES)
Terms of Endearment (unconfirmed) - 1983 (NEED PICTURES)
W.B. Blue and the Bean - 1989
Mother's Boys - 1993
Billy Madison (unconfirmed) - 1995 (NEED PICTURES)

Music Videos that Feature Arden Villa:
"Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis - 1995 (7-6-01: Pics Now Available!)


If you know ANYTHING about this building that is not on this site, please e-mail me at:



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